My name is adam KINGMAN.


I began camping a few years back and I quickly gained reputation as Master Chef Kingman among my friends. I've always enjoyed working with my hands and food is the finest way to bring people together. I have a knack for simple recipes with efficient prep and presentation. 




Since my first camping trip two years ago, I've noticed two things:
1. People don't know how to cook outside the kitchen, nor do they understand efficient food prep. That said, swap the block of cheese for shredded so we can leave the grater behind. 
2. There are few resources or websites for backcountry recipes. Don't get me wrong, freeze-dried meals are brilliant, but sometimes it's fun to spice things up. 


I'm looking to create a series of short videos showcasing an array of simple, but delicious recipes. I call the project Campa Cocina: camp cooking for the outside kitchen. 




Jetboil, let's work together. 

I'm looking to create a series of videos, paired with photos and recipes in a blog-style format, all cooked with the Jetboil product line. Below are a few video samples. I'd love your guidance on what would best suit the Jetboil brand, your objectives, and target user. 


Concept 1: Playful cooking moments
Playful shorts focusing on a good time around the Jetboil product. Recipe is not showcased, but could be in blog format with photos. Note: Below was a project for MiiR.


Concept 2: Recipe overview
Intro denotes location, but the film focuses on the food preparation using Jetboil products. Human interaction is less present. Title cards could also guide the viewer through the video. 


Concept 3: Lifestyle
The film is more about the experience of the trip in addition to cooking around Jetboil products. Inspiring, variable locations, people focused and adventure driven. Note: Below is a montage of previous trips. We could shoot more food focused, story driven videos.



olive oil
butternut squash
grated cauliflower
feta cheese
black beans

  1. Heat olive oil + garlic over low heat.
  2. Throw in butternut squash. Cook on medium, then high just until the outside gets crisp. Set aside.
  3. Return to medium heat. Add cauliflower and cook until soft. 
  4. Add in drained black beans and cooked butternut squash. 
  5. Throw in some cheese and salsa. 
  6. Garnish with avocado

Pro tip: Dice garlic at home and throw it in a film canister with olive oil for easy transport. 
Note: Follow up story depending on location and details of recipe. Photographs of lifestyle and cooking closeups included in blog post, also formatted for social.


What's next?

Let me know what you're dreaming up and would love to see for Jetboil. 
Deliverables include product photos, lifestyle photos, cooking video, recipe blog write-up, formatted for web and social platforms. 

Anyone can cook!